Tariq Knight

Book a magician for any function, trade show, or stage show

Tariq’s magic

Close-up magic is perfect for any function. Mix-and-mingle or magic while guests are seated for dinner are great ways to get people socialising with one another and to impressively entertain guests. Tariq’s cloe up magic is like no other. Combing psychological techniques, mind-reading, and adept sleight of hand which you can scrutinise to your heart’s content, you will be left wondering just how he read your mind, floated you personal possessions, and even gave you back the watch you thought you were wearing!

TariqTrade Shows

Grabbing people’s attention is a tricky thing to do, especially if you have just seconds to accomplish it. If you would like your company to stand out from the crowd, Tariq can draw a multitude of potential clients to your stand. He will amuse, entertain, get your message across, before introducing your service in a genial, but professional, fashion.

Tariq can incorporate your company logo and message into his sales presentation, and special magic handouts.

Stage Show

If you need to entertain your audience in a short space of time then Tariq’s stage show is ideal. His gripping performance takes on every form of magic and involves audience participation. Psychologically determining thoughts, influencing audience members using awaken hypnosis, pick pocketing his victims as he performs classics of magic.

The show can be tailored for different age groups and time scales.


Tariq has devised two Genius Magic workshops suitable for both schools and businesses.

Similar to his BBC 1 show, Tariq, with the help of his magic buddy Nick Crown, take on groups of 30 people to teach them magic. The course is structured to fit into an appropriate time scale to your day.

See the secrets behind magic: misdirection, hand eye-coordination, and most importantly learn real magic tricks that will never leave you stumped for an ice-breaker again.

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